From ICOs to a Token Economy

Editor/ April 15, 2018/ Blockchain, Uncategorized

A token economy as a mirror of the real one This paper first published in Medium Is a token nearly as exciting as it looked in white papers? Sadly, in most cases, it isn’t. Behind the seemingly “economical” background of many ICOs tokens is hidden a very primitive financial model of a token presale as a purely speculative investment. Speculators

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Investing into Blockchain Projects

Editor/ December 6, 2017/ Blockchain

Experts recognize three principal schemes to invest in blockchain projects today: First, a project developer issuing digital tokens to distribute them among the community of crypto enthusiasts (practically, repeating the model of Kickstarter and other internet crowdfunding platforms). Having developed the project with the use of initially collected money, the developer comes to the sources of venture capital to finance

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