Blockchain Projects Assessment

The Global Blockchain Institute deploys the Blockchain Program and relies on skilled professionals from all over the world to develop a holistic “GearBox” approach to the blockchain projects assessment, including:

  • Social value due to decentralization, an easy access, transparency, accountability, and information sharing.
  • The FinTech infrastructure including banks and credit organizations, internal and transboundary payment systems, asset management services, cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding businesses.
  • The RegTech system embraces legislation, industry standards and regulations, compliance tools, risk management, KYC and AML/CTF mechanisms. Agility and lower costs through improved efficiency and speed are the distinguishing characteristics of RegTech, making it different from the old regulatory system. But the RegTech gearwheel rotates with a lag from the social environment and the FinTech infrastructure wheels, creating temporally an unprecedented before access to the new source of capital.
  • Economic resources, including labor, capital (fixed and working), and the management system.

The assessment of projects includes the SMART express- analysis based on white papers and roadmaps data to evaluate:

  • Total value (social and commercial) generated by a business model.
  • Token framework (functionality, consensus model, price, volatility, and distribution scheme).
  • Responsibility and accountability of interactions.
  • Risk/security, KYC, and AML/CTF measures.


The comprehensive Project Functional Assessment includes rigorous testing of blockchain project solutions, including:

  • Compliance with the regulator’s requirements, and KYC, AML / CTF measures.
  • Tools for due diligence procedures and feasibility study calculations.
  • The clear justification of project risks and Investors interests’ protection decisions.
  • Bringing participants from different jurisdictions into line with the ICO legal framework.

The thorough screening of projects allows amending documentation and software to plan the whole funding process and the implementation of the project.