The Global Blockchain Institute (GBI) is an international not-for-profit organization with the objective of making the blockchain ecosystem more efficient, transparent, trustworthy, and law compliant. This is done by providing the research, consulting, and mentoring for both investors and blockchain start-ups.

The mission of the GBI is to create simplified and standardized algorithmic methods and techniques to facilitate the global crowdfunding process.

The GBI’s goal is to improve the crowdfunding system, developing new efficient solutions of due diligence, feasibility study, escrow, and AML/KYC problems.

To reach the goal, the GBI supports R&D in the field of RegTech, combining a neural network approach with advanced simulation modelling to develop algorithms and software for business use, including:

  • Algorithmic Due Diligence
  • Eco-Math-Modelling Feasibility Study
  • Digital Escrow System
  • Road Maps Ruled by Smart Contracts

Due diligence, feasibility study, global blockchain institute

The GBI together with Partners increase the capacity of the RegTech solutions and thus the efficiency of the global crowdfunding process by the appropriate choice of methods and its applications.